Hi, welcome to PayperPlane!

For those of you who don't know, I used this website to raise a certain amount of money by "selling" postcards, which I would send from destinations worldwide, funded in turn by the proceedings of the website. The idea started as a joke on one of my last holidays, and after 48 hours was turned into an actual website - just cause I thought it would be an interesting experiment.

After a few days the website was shared & retweeted as planned, becoming a moderate success, financially speaking. However, as the feedback increased, I started realizing something: the concept was dull, uninspired and in a way, very self-centered. This week, I decided I wouldn't want to proceed with something that I can't stand behind morally, let alone something that would bore me myself.

So, I'm going to come up with an alternative. Soon. I'm currently in touch with some organizations that would give some added value to all of this, which would make it more of a success, and a personal victory. I'll be in touch!

Meanwhile, if you already funded the previous action and would like a refund, mail me at rudolf@progue.co. Do keep in mind that if you have already funded PayperPlane, you're still on the list for whatever the new concept will be.